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Designed to provide you with in-depth practical experience with the relevant skills and tools you need to succeed in today’s rapidly moving Digital Marketing workplace.


The academic portion of the program is 24 weeks full-time, outside of regular business hours. The remaining 24 weeks of the program is a paid work experience.


In this program, you will learn to approach digital marketing decisions with a creative, data-driven, and flexible mindset to yield tangible gains for a wide variety of organizations and clients

The academic portion of the program is 24 weeks full-time, outside of regular business hours. The remaining 24 weeks of the program is a work placement.


In this program, students will learn how to engage in the entire UX design process, taking abstract ideas and refining them into concrete solutions.


Skills taught include user experience research, planning, design, testing, and technical aspects of user experience design.


The Hospitality Management Co-op Diploma Programs introduce the most relevant aspects of the tourism and hospitality industry essential for those looking to move into supervisory and management positions within this industry.


The Hospitality Management diploma is a combination of the first half of classroom study and the second half of co-op work experience. As a student, you will learn the concepts and techniques related to hotel and restaurant operations, international marketing, food preparation and service, financial analysis, accounting, front and back office operations and intercultural team dynamics.

The program focuses on learning the skills needed for graphic design. Students, through progressively intensive courses, will gain insights into basic drawing techniques, typography, color theories and visual communications.


Through studio projects with high relevancy to present field, students get hands on practices to apply the design theories and principles, graphic design software, advertising, documentation and photography, packaging, and commercial branding.

Taught by experienced industry professionals, learn Web & App Development working on real client projects while building a real world portfolio.


 You’ll enter the industry with the technical skills and fundamental knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, WordPress, React Native, and much more. Lessons are taught by experienced professionals, teaching our students the latest tools and technologies that are used in the industry today.

Students build the essential skills for business relations, building the confidence to present clear and concise information in business environments. The program is designed for international English-speaking students to prepare for positions in job markets associated with business management.


Students master the skills used in traditional workplace partnerships, negotiations, sales, business relationships, e-commerce and international economics.

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