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Our digital marketing lessons are designed to cover all of today’s core industry skills in digital marketing including social media, search engine optimization, analytics, advertising and content marketing. You’ll work directly with an experienced team of industry professionals, learning by creating and pitching digital marketing strategies for real clients, in an agency-style environment.

The academic portion of the program is 24 weeks full-time, outside of regular business hours. The remaining 24 weeks of the program is a work placement.


In this program, students will learn how to engage in the entire UX design process, taking abstract ideas and refining them into concrete solutions. Skills taught include user experience research, planning, design, testing, and technical aspects of user experience design.

Our development programs are designed to prepare you to code websites and build web & mobile applications using the latest and most in-demand technologies. You’ll enter the industry with the technical skills and fundamental knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, WordPress, React Native, and much more. Lessons are taught by experienced professionals, teaching our students the latest tools and technologies that are used in the industry today.

Network and System Solutions Specialist diploma program is developed to meet the current industry demand for System Administrators, Network Technicians and Computer Engineers with context, concept, technology and practical skills.


Classes focus on these areas of study and emphasize important skills like design and architecture, development and deployment, maintenance and troubleshooting  skills.

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