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Creative and Cultural programs at ILSC are aimed to provide the students with English-learning skills within a creative and cultural environment.

ILSC’s creative and Cultural program offers students a variety of courses that range from Journalism to Yoga. Experience new activities and learn English while doing them.


Improve your English dramatically with four exciting weeks spent brainstorming, writing, rehearsing and performing an original play. No previous drama experience is necessary.

Write, direct, shoot and edit a short film in English. Learn the basics of digital video while applying your English skills to all production roles. No previous filmmaking experience is necessary.

Improve your business English vocabulary and skills by focusing on aspects of the Cambridge BEC tests. Focus on business vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking and listening skills for business situations. Increase your professional chances in global job markets as well as opportunities to work abroad.

Expand your spoken English skills from written ones through storytelling, descriptive conversation and writing techniques for different genres as well as informal and formal presentation skills.

Explore the language of art, art critique and art production. Practise your English through drawing, painting, sculpting, writing in a creative journal and visiting art exhibits around the city. No previous art experience is necessary.

Develop your English skills while exploring Canadian history, geography, culture, art and politics. Practise your English by discussing contemporary local, regional and national issues.

This course is designed to develop students’ English language skills through the study of global issues. Improve fluency and build vocabulary by exploring and discussing contemporary social issues. Topics reflect global concerns such as women’s and children’s rights, health care, religion and environmental issues.

In this course, you will learn vocabulary, expand your listening and fluency skills, prepare, write and deliver presentations and expand your overall English language skills, while focusing on a combination of leadership and environmental topics. What can one person do? What can awareness bring us? How can we work together as a team to make change happen? In this course you will challenge yourself to discuss and reflect on the environmental issues current on the North West Coast of Canada.

This course develops your English writing skills with an integrated focus on vocabulary and grammar development. Strengthen your writing skills through the fun and exciting context of journalism. You will have the opportunity to become an investigative reporter for the ILSC Student Newspaper. Develop and refine your skills by researching topics in your host country and writing short articles and blogs. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the city, investigate issues that are important to you and build solid writing and interviewing skills.

Develop your English writing, reading, listening and speaking skills while exploring the history of social media and its various applications for business, politics and personal use. You will learn how social media is changing our world through examining case-studies, and participating in class discussions and a group project.

Master the language of international affairs and keep pace with today’s changing political climate. Practice English through debates on politics, economics and law. Instructional media for this course includes television, video and the Internet.

This course enables students to develop English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills through the fascinating subject of history. Students will practice English speaking skills through discussion, presentations, debates and role-plays of various historical events and people. They will develop reading skills by analyzing and comprehending articles, texts and video footage on historical events and people. Students will acquire and use new vocabulary throughout the class, and will implement writing and presentation skills in a month-end assignment on an historical event or person

In this course you will develop English listening skills as you learn to follow physical instructions accurately while mastering the vocabulary of anatomy and movement. You will also gain physical strength, flexibility and stress management skills.

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